Tesla’s First Puppuccino

I had Tesla in the car with me when I stopped through the Starbucks drive through on Friday for an iced tea. Along with my beverage they handed me a little cup of “Puppuccino” – which is just a little cup of whipped cream. And as you can see, Miss Tesla thought it was pretty great 🙂 She licked the cup clean and somehow managed not to get any on her nose (I don’t even think I could manage that).


Apparently, this is an item off the Starbucks Secret Menu that you can actually order. I’ve never attempted to find the secret menu at Starbucks so I had no idea. I think I may have tried to find the Panera secret menu once, but I wasn’t that impressed. What’s your thought on secret menus? Anyone a huge fan? Any secret menu items that I really need to try out?

4 thoughts on “Tesla’s First Puppuccino”

  1. 1. Absolutely adorable picture of her. They both are actually.
    2. In And Out has a good secret menu…but that doesn’t do us much good. Sbux secret menu is where I tweaked my favourite Sbux drink: Sam’s Nutella = 2 pumps mocha & caramel drizzle.

    Who else has secret menus? I guess that wouldn’t be an obvious answer as it defeats the point of secret. Anyone know of others?

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    1. I will have to do some more secret menu investigating… Seems like they were really big for a while and then sort of fizzled out. I had completely forgotten about them until this happened and I went home and googled “puppuccino.”


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