Blogging101 – A post for my dream reader

Who is my dream reader?  Well, you are.  I’m afraid that is terribly cliche, but it is true.  For whatever reason, you have taken the time to visit my little corner of the internet and allowed me to share a part of myself with you.  I hope that in doing so you’ve come away with something for you – a smile from one of my dog pics, a new recipe to try out with someone you love, an idea, a new connection, or even just a feeling that you can relate to someone out there.  I really do appreciate you dropping by.

So here’s another little piece of me for you.  I love this song.  I hope it makes you smile.

P.S.  If I said I posted a song by JT, do you think Justin Timberlake?  I swear I am not that old, but my husband makes me feel ancient sometimes…

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